Conversion Pro, what it is and what it isn't
Posted by Stephen Algeo on 05 March 2015 06:53 AM

In Conversion Pro we wanted to take a whole new approach to selling Amazon products with Fresh Store Builder.

Instead of the traditional 'store' format we decided we wanted to create an awesome landing page style design focussed primarily around a single 'Featured' product. We had loads of crazy ideas and eventually realised we would have to make certain compromises to make it work.

When you're creating a landing page you don't need categories, tags etc so we've not included these pages in the template. When you're using Conversion Pro we've added messages in the admin area if you enter an area which doesn't apply to that template.

Change back to a full store template like Fluid and of course everything will be back to normal.

Removing the need for these sections of the store has meant we could focus our efforts on what really converts, YOUR custom landing page. We've added a ton of widgets so absolutely every one is unique, and adding lots of settings so than you can customize as much as you like.

We can't wait to see what you build, and hear about the results.

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