How to use the Customer Reviews feature
Posted by Barbara House on 12 October 2014 11:28 PM

The new Customer Reviews feature was introduced in Fresh Store Builder version 5.0 and adds the ability for visitors to your store to leave User Reviews on all products and bundles in your store.  This feature was added to all templates, and is automatically enabled.

Settings for Reviews in Template Options

All templates have the following options to allow you to customize how you display User Reviews and/or Amazon Reviews on your store:

  • Display Product Detail Amazon Reviews - Choose to Show or Hide the Amazon Reviews section on the Product Detail page.
  • Product Detail Amazon Reviews Title - Customize the title of the product detail Amazon Reviews section.
  • Display Product Detail User Reviews - Choose to Show or Hide the User Reviews & Star Ratings.
  • Product Detail User Reviews Title - Customize the title of the product detail User Reviews section.

When enabled, the reviews are available on the Product Detail and Bundle Detail pages, and the star reviews will show wherever in categories, pages, etc.

Writing a Review

Your visitors will be presented with a form on each of the detail pages that allows them to "Write a Review".  This form is under any existing reviews, as shown in the screenshot at the end of this document.

All reviews are automatically placed into moderation, and you must approve them before they will shown on your site.  Users enter their name, email address, select a rating, and write their review.  When they submit, a message tells them that their review will be shown once approved.

Moderating Reviews

All reviews will be held in moderation for you to approve or delete, prior to being shown live on your site. To access the reviews, you will need to go to Content => View Customer Reviews. The initial screen will show you all the reviews waiting for moderation as shown below.  You can use the icons to edit the review (in case you need to remove bad words but want to keep the review), approve the review, or delete the review entirely.

Clicking on the "VIEW APPROVED" link on this screen will let you see all the reviews previously approved like in this screenshot:

Screenshot of review form with approved reviews

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